Scott AnderBois

I am an Assistant Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences at Brown University. My research is in linguistics and more specifically, semantics/pragmatics (though I dabble in Phonology and Syntax as well).A significant part of my research involves primary fieldwork on Yucatec Maya, an indigenous language spoken in Mexico by ~800,000 people (one of 30 Mayan languages spoken in Mexico and Guatemala).

Email: myfirstname_lastname@Brown.edu

Recent and upcoming talks, etc.


[Talk at Form and Analysis in Mayan Linguistics (FAMLi III)] Colegio de México, 12/4-12/5.

“On the exceptional status of reportative evidentials”

[Talk at SALT 24] NYU, 5/30-6/1.

“Evidentiality and modality in discourse: the case of conjecturals”

[Invited talk at DFG "Questions in Discourse" network meeting at meeting of the DFG network on Questions in Discourse] Stuttgart, 5/21-5/22.

“On a transitivity-based split in Yucatec Maya control complements” (w/Grant Armstrong)

[Talk at Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas (WSCLA) 19] Memorial University, Newfoundland, 4/25-4/27.

“At-issueness and embedding in Yucatec Maya attitude reports”

[Invited talk at ERC research group on Incomplete Parenthesis] Groningen, 3/12.

“On the exceptional status of reportative evidentials”

[Poster at (Re)presenting the Speech of Others] Groningen, 3/13-3/14.

“Negation, inquisitivity, and negative polar questions”

[Invited talk at Workshop on
Non-Canonical Questions and Interface Issues
] Konstanz, 2/17-2-19.