AY 2012-2013 Speaker Schedule


Fall 2012

Date Speaker Title
10/17/2012 Polly Jacobson (Brown University) The Myth of Silent Linguistic Material
9/25/2012 Geoffrey K. Pullum (University of Edinburgh) Psychology and the Claimed Infinitude of Sentences
10/10/2012 Junwen Lee (Brown University) A Unitary Analysis of Colloquial Singapore English Lah
10/17/2012 Eugene Charniak (Brown University) Colloquium – Bayes’ Law as Psychologically Real
10/24/2012 D.R. (Bob) Ladd (University of Edinburgh) Colloquium – Individual differences in pitch perception and a possible link to language typology
10/31/2012 Peter Graff (MIT) Communicative Efficiency in the Lexicon
11/1/2012 Terry Au (University of Hong Kong) Colloquium – Access to Childhood Language Memory
11/14/2012 Brian Dillon (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Syntactic complexity across the at-issue / not-at-issue divide
11/28/2012 Stefan Kaufmann (Northwestern University)

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Title
2/6/2013 Uriel Cohen Priva (Brown University) (CANCELLED)
4/24/2013 Jill Thorson (Brown University) TBA
4/17/2013 Victor Ferreira (University of California, San Diego TBA
5/2/2013 Philip Miller (Université Paris Diderot) Verb Phrase Ellipsis and Pseudogapping: From Discourse to Syntax
5/8/2013 Kathryn Davidson (University of Connecticut) What can sign languages tell us about the semantic/pragmatic interface?
5/15/2013 Neal Fox (Brown University) Sentential context effects on phonetics of speech production