AY 2013-2014 Speaker Schedule


Fall 2013

Date Speaker Title
9/18/2013 Eva Wittenberg (Tufts University) Close but no cigar: The differences between kissing, giving kisses, and giving other things
10/2/2013 Josh Hartshorne (MIT) Syntax, Semantics, World Knowledge, and Reference
10/15/2013 Scott AnderBois (Brown University) A transitivity-based split in Yucatec Maya control complements
10/29/2013 Scott AnderBois (Brown University) On the exceptional status of reportative evidentials
11/13/2013 Kevin Ryan (Harvard University) Prosodic weight beyond the rime
12/10/2013 Anna Shusterman (Wesleyan University) (CANCELLED) Language-Thought Interactions in Development
12/17/2013 Laura Kertz & Corey Cusimano (Brown University) (CANCELLED) Coherence-driven expectations for cross-clausal parallelism

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title
1/29/2014 Anna Shusterman (Wesleyan University) Language-Thought Interactions in Development
2/12/2014 Sohini Ramachandran (Brown University) A geneticist’s approach to comparing global patterns of genetic and phonemic variation
2/19/2014 Nathaniel Smith (University of Edinburgh) Building a Bayesian bridge between the physics and the phenomenology of social interaction
2/26/2014 Jeff Runner (University of Rochester) Binding constraints on processing: pronouns are harder than reflexives
3/12/2014 Livia Polanyi (Stanford University) Step-wise Discourse Topic Construction
3/19/2014 Shiri Lev Ari (Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen) How expectations influence language processing, and their cognitive and social consequences: The case of processing the language of non-native speakers
4/2/2014 Sheila Blumstein (Brown University) Variability and Invariance in Speech and Lexical Processing: Evidence from Aphasia and Functional Neuroimaging
4/9/2014 Kyle Rawlins (Johns Hopkins University) ‘About’ attitudes
4/16/2014 Lee Edelist (Brown University) Pronoun resolution in multi utterance discourse
4/30/2014 Jill Thorson (Brown University) How intonation interacts with new and given information to guide attention