AY 2014-2015 Speaker Schedule


Fall 2014

Date Speaker Title
9/24/2014 Introductory Meeting
10/1/2014 Sara Guediche (Brown University) Flexible and adaptive processes in speech perception
10/22/2014 Masako Fidler (Brown University) Mining reader receptions of text with keyword analysis
10/29/2014 Sophia Malamud (Brandeis University) Utterance modifiers and the emergence of illocutionary force
11/5/2014 Chigusa Kurumada (University of Rochester) Expectation-adaptation in the incremental interpretation of English contrastive prosody
11/19/2014 Scott AnderBois (Brown University) The discourse particle wal in Yucatec Maya: a decompositional approach
12/10/2014 Stefanie Tellex (Brown University) Natural Language and Robotics

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Title
2/4/2015 Philip Hofmeister (Brown University) Expectations and linguistic acceptability judgments
2/25/2015 Timothy Grinsell (University of Chicago) Verdicts, Voters, and Vectors: Three Sources of Evidence for One Theory of Vagueness
3/4/2015 Tania Rojas-Esponda (Stanford University) Discourse particles and focus effects in a question-under-discussion framework
3/18/2015 Václav Cvrček (Institute of the Czech National Corpus) Descriptive vs prescriptive approach. The case of Czech grammar
4/1/2015 Junwen Lee (Brown University) Lah revisited – A modal analysis
4/8/2015 Magdalena Kaufmann (University of Connecticut) Free choice as a form of dependence
4/22/2015 Ryan Bennett (Yale University) An ultrasound study of Irish palatalization
4/29/2015 Gregory Hickok (University of California, Irvine) Colloquium – An Integrative Approach to Understanding the Neuroscience of Language
4/30/2015 Eladio Mateo Toledo (B’alam) (CIESAS-Sureste, México) The Destinative Construction in Q’anjob’al (Maya)