AY 2015-2016 Speaker Schedule


Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title
9/9/2015 Boaz Keysar (University of Chicago) Colloquium – Living in a Foreign Tongue
9/16/2015 Edward Gibson (MIT) Colloquium – Information theoretic approaches to language universals
9/30/2015 Matt Hall (University of Connecticut) Using Non-Language to Understand Language
10/7/2015 Stephen Emet (Brown University) “I’m sorry I ever went to that talk”: NPIs in Affective Contexts
10/21/2015 Polly Jacobson (Brown University) You think there’s Silent Linguistic Material, but I don’t: Neg Raising meets Ellipsis
11/4/2015 Matt Hall (University of Connecticut) Keeping the hands in mind: Executive function and implicit learning in deaf children
11/11/2015 Evelina Fedorenko (Mass General Hospital/Harvard Medical School) Colloquium – The L​anguage ​N​etwork and ​I​ts ​P​lace within ​t​he ​B​roader Architecture of the Human Mind and Brain
11/18/2015 Robert J. Podesva (Stanford University) Colloquium – The Role of the Body in Structuring Sociophonetic Variation
12/2/2015 Wilson Silva (RIT) The Desano Language Documentation Project: Fieldwork, Theory and Language Revitalization

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
2/24/2016 Peter Klecha (University of Connecticut) Regulating Loose Talk through Implicature
3/2/2016 Peter Alrenga (Boston University) (CANCELLED) At least and at most: Ignorance and variation in focus
3/9/2016 Emily Myers (University of Connecticut) Non-Native Speech Sound Learning: Studies of Sleep, Brain, and Behavior
3/23/2016 Jean E. Fox Tree (University of California, Santa Cruz) Colloquium – The Usefulness of Useless Utterances: Why Um, Like, and Other Disparaged Phenomena are not Superfluous
4/6/2016 Matthew Barros (Yale University) Sluicing and Ellipsis Identity
4/20/2016 Eiling Yee (University of Connecticut) Putting Concepts in Context
4/29/2016 Florian Jaeger (University of Rochester) From processing to language change and cross-linguistic distributions