AY 2016-2017 Speaker Schedule


Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
9/28/2016 Andy Wedel (University of Arizona) Functional pressure from the lexicon shapes phoneme inventory evolution
10/5/2016 LLL(Lite) – Lightning Talks
10/19/2016 Matt Masapollo (Brown University) On the nature of the natural referent vowel bias
10/26/2016 Seth Cable (University of Massachusetts Amherst) (CANCELLED) Negation and Antonym in Tlingit
11/2/2016 Valentine Hacquard (University of Maryland) Colloquium – Grasping at Factivity
11/9/2016 Chelsea Sanker (Brown University) Phonetic Convergence across measures and across speakers
11/16/2016 Uriel Cohen Priva (Brown University) An interplay between information, duration, and lenition
12/1/2016 Peter Alrenga (Boston University) At least and at most: Ignorance and variation in focus
12/7/2016 Gerry Altman (University of Connecticut) Colloquium – The challenges of event cognition: Object representation at the interface of episodic and semantic memory

Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title
1/25/2017 LLL(Lite)
2/1/2017 Maria Piñango (Yale) Eventive iteration construal during real-time comprehension, its neurological underpinnings and the grammar-meaning connection
2/8/2017 Youtao Lu, Elena Luchkina (Brown) LLL(Lite) Student Presentations ([ ])
2/15/2017 Sudha Arunachalam (Boston
Informativeness and processing cost in verb acquisition: Evidence from typical language development and autism spectrum disorder ([ ])
2/22/2017 Seth Cable (UMass Amherst) Negation and Antonymy in Tlingit ([ ])
3/1/2017 Steve Emet (Brown) I just think… : the meaning of just and its role in discourse ([ ])
3/8/2017 Kevin Tang (Yale) Experience and expectation predict fine details of perception and production
4/12/2017 Annemarie Kocab (Harvard) Language Emergence: Evidence from Nicaraguan Sign Language
4/19/2017 Kristine Yu (UMass Amherst) Parsing with prosody: towards a computational model of prosodically-informed syntactic parsing in Samoan ([ ])
4/26/2017 Jon Gajewski (University of
It’s not syntax, I don’t think: Neg-raising and parentheticals
5/3/2017 Scott AnderBois (Brown) LLL(Lite) – An illocutionary account of reportative evidentials in imperatives