Brown at the LSA

There are several presentations by Brown students and faculty in this year’s annual meeting for the Linguistic Society of America. Come and meet us!

  • Uriel Cohen Priva, Shiying Yang, and Emily Strand will present their talk on The stability of segmental properties across genre and corpus types in low-resource languages. Thursday, 5 pm, at the Kabacoff room.
  • Ellie Pavlick will talk about What Should Constitute Natural Language “Understanding”? as an invited speaker of this year’s SCiL (Society of Computation in Linguistics). Friday, 11 am, at the Kabacoff room
  • Uriel Cohen Priva will present his poster American English vowels do not reduce to schwa: A corpus study. Friday Morning Plenary Poster Session.
  • Roman Feiman will be a discuss Conceptual and linguistic components of early negation comprehension at Perspectives on Negation: A Cross-Disciplinary Discussion workshop. Saturday, 2:55 pm at Chart B.
  • Uriel Cohen Priva and Emily Gleason will present Increased intensity is mediated by reduced duration in variable consonant lenition. on Saturday, 2 pm at Camp
  • Youtao Lu and James Morgan will present Homophone auditory processing in cross-linguistic perspective on Sunday, 11:30 am at Jackson.