AY 2017-2018 Speaker Schedule


Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title
9/6/2017 LLL(Lite)
9/13/2017 Iris Berent (Northeastern University) Colloquium – On the origins of phonology
9/20/2017 Shiying Yang (Brown) FYP/QP Practice Talk – On the distinctiveness of Mandarin syllable and monosyllabic word contrasts
9/27/2017 Richard Futrell (MIT) Memory and Locality in Natural Language
10/18/2017 A’ingae Documentation Team (Brown) LLL(Lite) – UTRA Presentation + CILLA VIII Practice Talk
10/25/2017 LLL(Lite) – A Conversation with Faculty
11/1/2017 Laura Janda (UiT) What happens to a language under pressure: discriminatory language policy and language change in North Saami
11/10/2017 (FRI) Hadas Kotek (NYU) Which QuD
11/15/2017 Florian Schwarz (UPenn) Colloquium – The Time-course of Presupposition Projection – Experimental Data and Theoretical Issues
11/29/2017 Gale Goodwin Gomez (RIC) TBA
12/6/2017 Junwen Lee (Brown) LLL(Lite) – Dissertation Research Presentation

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title
2/14/2018 LLL(Lite)
2/28/2018 Roey Gafter (Ben Gurion University) Pharyngeals and beyond: phonetic differences and phonemic mergers in Hebrew ([ ])
3/7/2018 Kasia Hitczenko(University of Maryland) How to use context to disambiguate overlapping categories: The test case of Japanese vowel length
3/14/2018 Susan Kalt (Roxbury Community College) Changes in Bolivian Quechua evidentiality
3/21/2018 Gale Goodwin Gomez (RIC) CANCELLED
4/4/2017 Meghan Armstrong-Abrami (UMass) Children’s detection of epistemic strength distinctions through prosody and the lexicon ([ ])
4/11/2018 Angela Carpenter (Wellesley College) Dialect change in immigrant speakers of Jamaican Creole
4/18/2018 Yiming Gu (Brown University) Tone sandhi in Ganyu Mandarin
4/25/2018 Haoru Zhang (Brown University) Phonetic Convergence in Mandarin
5/2/2018 Sandra Waxman (Northwestern University) Colloquium – Becoming human: How (and how early) do infants link language and cognition?