Fall 2019 Speaker Schedule

Date Speaker Title
9/4/2019 First day of classes
9/18/2019 Stefan Kaufmann (UConn) How fake is fake Past?
10/2/2019 Lisa Davidson (NYU) The link between syllabic nasals and glottal stops in American English
10/16/2019 Jeff Mielke (NC State) Phonetic studies of vowels in two endangered languages
10/23/2019 Uriel Cohen Priva (Brown) Understanding lenition through its causal structure
10/30/2019 Joshua Hartshorne (Boston College) Critical periods in language, cognitive development, and massive online experiments
11/7/2019 (Thursday at 10am) Judith Kroll (UC Irvine) The fate of the native language in second language learning: A new hypothesis about bilingualism, mind, and brain
11/13/2019 Kate Lindsey (BU) (cancelled) TBD
11/20/2019 Daniel Altshuler (Hampshire College) Causal reasoning about states
11/27/2019 Thanksgiving recess
12/4/2019 Roman Feiman (Roman) TBD