LingLang Lunch (3/21/2018): Gale Goodwin Gómez (Rhode Island College) (Cancelled)

Dr. Goodwin Gomez is a professor in the Anthropology Department at Rhode Island College. Her research and professional activities focus around the Yanomami and their languages and culture, the protection of the Amazon and other rain forest environments, and the defense of indigenous rights throughout the world. For more information, her website is here.

An introduction to the Yanomaman family and a closer look at two of the languages

The Yanomaman languages have over 30,000 native speakers, who live in a remote region of the Amazon rainforest on both sides of the border between northern Brazil and southern Venezuela. They are said to be the largest indigenous group in South America that still maintains its traditional culture and hunterer-gatherer-cultivator lifestyle. The Yanomaman family is small, comprised of four principal languages and a fifth, recently described language, that has less than 600 speakers. This talk focuses on two Yanomaman languages: Ninam and Yanomae, which the presenter has been docuenting since 1985. The topics to be examined during this talk include possession, nominal classification, and metaphor.