Spring 2020 Schedule

Date Speaker Title
1/22/2020 First day of classes
1/29/2020 Joanna Morris (Hampshire College & RISD) Is there a ‘moth’ in mother? How we read complex words (and those that are just pretending to be)
2/19/2020 Maksymilian Dabkowski (Brown) The morphophonology of A’ingae verbal stress
2/26/2020 Casey Lew-Williams (Princeton) Infants learn from meaningful structure in their communicative environments
3/4/2020 Masoud Jasbi (Harvard) The Puzzle of Learning Disjunction
3/11/2020 Lauren Franklin (Brown) TBD
3/17/2020 Rachel Burdin (University of New Hampshire) CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 TBD
3/25/2020 Spring Recess
4/1/2020 Athulya Aravind (MIT) CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 TBD
4/8/2020 Shiying Yang (Brown) CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 TBD
4/22/2020 Youtao Lu (Brown) TBD
4/29/2020 Misha Ali (Brown) TBD TBD